Versuri INNERWISH - Silent Faces

Album: INNERWISH - Silent Faces

Behind these burning walls of silence
Rising up the loneliness and shame
Come between us through this mighty winter's rain
With hearts of stone their souls are filled with darkness
Marching, killing no respect at all
The human race is watching passively the show

Hoping to find some peace of mind
Visions of pleasure are so far away

The silent faces, they are calling through the night
To find their way, their promise land.

Tiny breaks of time are hard and twisted
Scared eyes and feelings full of sweat
The usual lie is almost certain what you get
Faith abandons dreams and nameless whispers
We turn the page of our destructive lives
Get and bring the chance for someone to return

Suffocate for resurrection
Deep inside their minds are lying dead
Destination is the promised land