Country: Canada Label: Century Media Website: Formed in: 1997 1997- Melodic Death Progressive metal Line-up Current members: 1997-  Tim Roth - guitars, vocals   2005-  Stu Block - vocals   2005-  Troy Bleich - bass   2006-  Steve Bolognese - drums   2006-  Justin Bender - guitar  ......Biografie INTO ETERNITY

Black Sea Of Agony Intro Tab

Timeless Winter Intro (ver2) Tab

Timeless Winter Intro Tab

Suspension Of Disbelief Intro Tab

Severe Emotional Distress Tab

Pain Through Breathing Solo Tab

Nothing (ver2) Tab

Nothing Tab

Isolation Intro Tab

Holding Onto Emptiness Tab

Eternal Solo Tab

Elysium Dream Intro Tab

Buried In Oblivion Tab

Buried In Oblivion Intro Tab

Beginning Of The End Tab

Elysium Dream Intro ver2 Tab

Shallow Intro Tab

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