Bruce Dickinson a efectuat o aterizare de urgenta

de Cristi Nedelcu

Bruce Dickinson a efectuat o aterizare de urgenta

Bruce Dickinson e pilot profesionist de avion, iar dupa ce a aflat ca a scapat de cancer s-a reintors la pilotat avioane.

Cei de la Bucks Herald au anuntat ca solistul Iron Maiden zbura cu un Fokker Dr1 cand a fost fortat sa faca o aterizare de urgenta pentru ca ramasese fara combusibil.

Acesta a aterizat pe RAF (Royal Air Force) Halton unde si-a facut plinul. Reprezentantii RAF Halton au declarat:

"We applaud Bruce Dickinson’s decision to divert to RAF Halton rather than press to his destination with potentially low fuel. To see such a well-regarded pilot, and world-renowned rock singer, make this decision is great for our student pilots to see. It makes them realise that anyone can find themselves low on fuel due to unforeseen circumstances and that the right decision is to divert. He really does have a magnificent Fokker Triplane, so it was a pleasure to provide it with a home for a few nights until we sent him on his way. This happy outcome is thanks to the work of Charles Strasser, the vice president of the Aircraft Operators’ and Pilots’ Association (AOPA), in getting the Strasser Scheme up and running several years back for the benefit of all."

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