Bruce Dickinson va publica o autobiografie

de Cristi Nedelcu

Bruce Dickinson va publica o autobiografie

Solistul Iron Maiden va publica o autobigorafie dupa ce a decis sa colaboreze cu HarperCollins. Volumul va aparea in toamna lui 2017, sau cel putin asa ar trebui daca totul merge conform planului.

Dickinson va vorbi despre toate aspectele importante ale vietii sale, de la faptul ca este solistul uneia dintre cele mai mari trupe de metal pana la pasiunea sa pentru avioane si la problemele de santate pe care le-a avut.

Iata ce a declarat solistul Iron Maiden cu privire la proiect:

"It was flattering to be approached to write a book about my experiences and it seems an appropriate time to do this as I will have plenty of time on tour next year to work on a book. I am sure flying the 747 out round the world on tour will add to the tale with some unusual scenarios!"

La randul lui, redactorul sef de la HarperCollins a spus: "There’s no one like Bruce. Which other rock musician can fly a 747, or fence at an international level? He’s a total one-off; engaging, funny, warm, self-deprecating – a British eccentric in its very best form. His book will be outstanding and I am so delighted we get to publish it and work with him."

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