Versuri Iron Maiden - 07. Tailgunner

Album: Iron Maiden - Live at Donnington

[Harris - Dickinson]

Trace your way back 50 years
To the Glow of Dresden - blood and tears
In the black above by the cruel searchlight
Men will die and men will fight - yeah !
Who shot who and who fired first ?
Dripping death to whet the blood thirst
No radar lock on - skin and bone
The bomber boys are going home

Climb into the sky never wonder why - Tailgunner
You're a Tailgunner

Nail that Fokker kill that son.
Gonna blow your guts out with my gun
The weather forecasts good for War
Cologne and Frankfurt ? have some more !
Tail end Charlie in the boiling sky
The Enola Gay was my last try
Now that this Tailgunner's gone
No more Bombers ( just one big bomb )

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