Versuri Iron Maiden - Futureal (Live)

Album: Iron Maiden - Best Of The B'Sides

[Harris / Bayley]
[Recorded during the Ed Hunter Tour 1999 - Bruce Returns]
[The Wicker Man Single 2000]

I'm running of my time, I'm running out of breath
And now it's getting, so I can't sleep at night
In the day, I feel like death
I'm getting in far too deep, I feel they closing in
I've got to say that I'm scared, I know they'll win
Even so, I prepared

Do you believe, what you hear
Can you believe, what you see
Do you believe, what you feel
Can you believe
What is real?
What is real?
Wherever anyone seems to treat me like a freak
It makes me see I'm only one who feels
That I know that is real
Sometimes it feels like a game of deadly hide and seek
And when you reading this, then I will be gone
Maybe then, you will see

[Chorus 2x]