Versuri Iron Maiden - Rainbow's Gold

Album: Iron Maiden - Best Of The B'Sides

[Terry Slesser / Kenny Mountain]
[Originally by the Beckett]
[2 Minutes to Midnight Single 1984]

[1st verse:]
In the heat of the morning
When your day is still dawning
And your bird, she's singing
Catch your soul, he's willing to fly away
Packed your bags in a hurry
Because your mind's in a worry
Mark my words, you're gonna be sorry if you ever fly away
Sweet little girl with the Saint Da Vinci-smile
Stares at me with sadness in her eyes
I'm not sure if she's really real or make-believe
Maybe she's a vision that comes to only me
Cause I'm so tired
Yes I'm so tired
So tired
Yes I'm so tired


[Repeat 1st verse]