Isis - Pliable Foe videoclip

Pliable Foe, noul videoclip semnat de Isis, poate fi urmarit mai jos.

Piesa face parte de pe Temporal, un material retrospectiv de 14 piese ce include variante demo, coveruri si versiuni acustice.

Temporal poate fi pre-comandat in format vinil si CD via Amazon.

Tracklist-ul este:

1. Threshold of Transformation (demo) *
2. Ghost Key (alternate demo version) *
3. Wills Dissolve (alternate demo version) *
4. Carry (demo) *
5. False Light (demo) *
6. Grey Divide (demo) *

1. Streetcleaner (Godflesh cover, Recorded in 1999)
2. Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath cover, Originally released on the Sawblade CD, 1999)
3. Not in Rivers, But in Drops (Melvins/Lustmord remix; originally released on Holy Tears, 2007)
4. Holy Tears (Thomas Dimuzio remix; originally released on NIRBID, 2008)
5. Temporal (Recorded in 2009) *
6. Way Through Woven Branches (originally released on Melvins/ISIS split LP, 2010)
7. Pliable Foe (originally released on Melvins/ISIS split LP, 2010)
8. 20 Minutes/40 Years (acoustic version) *

DVD (official music videos)
1. In Fiction
2. Holy Tears
3. Not In Rivers, But in Drops
4. 20 Minutes/40 Years
5. Pliable Foe *

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