Versuri Iskra - Antisect

Album: Iskra - Iskra

“Thy will oh Lord
not mine be done”
blind submission
To myth and illusion.

“Be ye perfect
as your father in Heaven”
Guilt is the weapon
To gain psychological ascendence.

Vulnerable populations
Mystified by religion.
Ideologies of confusion
Obfuscation of the real.
Contradictory dogmas
Unquestioningly swallowed
At the root of our society
Sick doctrines of fantasy.

Faith is the faulty tool
For those with no explanation.
“All is for the greater good”
Rape, torture, and starvation.

Rhetoric of kindness
Rhetoric of nonviolence
Yet prohibit sexuality
Prohibit gender equality
Prohibit alternative existence
Prohibit liberation
And he who does not take the cross
Is unworthy of salvation

Action is what we need
Towards respectful coexistence
We do not require religion
To understand moral issues.

All is part of God’s “heavenly plan”
So rejoice in bloody war, all across the lands.
Keep the western world in a “religious frame of mind”
“Turn the other cheek” to the suffering of humankind.
Blind faith in a father-god tyrant in heaven
Is the best excuse for blind faith in a tyrant on

A disbelief in Gods
Is an affirmation of life.
A disbelief in Gods
Is an affirmation of purpose.
No authority in heaven
No authority on earth
Cast aside the Gods
Freedom from this curse.

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