Versuri Iskra - Culture of Cowardice

Album: Iskra - Iskra

A culture of cowardice
Our ugliness unveiled
Portrayed as a savior
Whitewashing our crimes

We are the heroes
Crowned in our halos
Policing the world
Passing our judgment

Our so-called enemies
Are the victims of siege
Bathed in our infamy
A dark imposing spectrum

This war turned system
A means to monetary gain
Taking control of countries
Leaving famine and waste

Canadian and American society has long used the corporate media to propagate its own self-righteousness. From
emphasizing the divide between social classes to manufacturing scapegoats for political and economic gain. Psychological
conditioning over a long period of time has led to two economically separated, yet ultimately conservative, sections of
society. The first section: a small percentage of wealthy individuals who run the private sector and maintain influence over
local politicians. This class pushes to undermine and control weakened third world countries through proxy regimes and
hit squads which support their capitalist structures; fashioning governments into corporate assets while openly neglecting
the everyday needs of the people. At the same time they’ll shamelessly blame the poor and underprivileged whenever any of
their so-called ‘economic crises’ arise. The second strata is comprised of the middle and lower classes who are often
manipulated into believing that our problems stem from loose immigration laws, foreign countries, and liberal political views.
Confused, scared, tired and frustrated they often label any criticism as ‘terrorist’ in accordance with the Bush
administration’s openly racist agenda. This sociopolitical/pathological climate is leading to our downfall, creating an egotistical
and cowardly culture which believes itself righteous and therefore free to brutally coerce the rest of the world. Global cop, global

A million dead
Without a trace
Genocide and destruction
Hidden from our face
Any depiction of real war
Not ‘appropriate’ for broadcast
If CNN showed the real story
Support for war would never last

Delivered propaganda
We are mislead to believe
In a brutal foreign policy
Which supports corporate greed

Molded and sedated
Trapped in a web of lies
Living under a blanket of fear
They play with our minds.
Answering the prayers of the rich
The world trade center fell

Initiating invasions and repression
The rich will bury us all

Increased state suppression
TV influence, false connections
We’re not allowed to criticize
As we bomb countries into recession

False leads and hidden agendas
To support corrupt institutions
Uncovering the truth is the key
To any possible solutions.