Versuri Iskra - Face of Capital

Album: Iskra - Iskra

One fact concerning capitalism which could be held as true
It has sold the mass of people a deep belief in its values
Americans defend state policy, regardless of cost or of peril
A million lives, a million lies to preserve their false ideals

Capitalism for most Americans is synonymous with democracy
Yet the bitter fight for civil-rights is written in our history
Any freedom we might enjoy was fought against brutal opposition
The men who opposed liberty are those who built this system
The wealthy population protects and nurtures its own class
Refusing to react responsibly: a historical habit of this caste
Far from defending America’s few hard-won rights
They threaten democratic process and freedom’s still out of sight

If capitalism was all that its defenders claim it to be
We would expect to find a truthful, moral, and ethical society
Far from that it’s cursed, with a blood-soaked history
Europe took an unspoiled continent and ravished without mercy

Methodical and deliberate destruction of first nations
Is still the haunting price of American ‘Civilization’’
The first slaves from Africa arrived in 1619
150 years before America became an independent colony
500 thousand slaves for a 3 million population
Multi generational slavery is how our forefathers built the nation
Exploitation, crime, and violence: the fabric of our society
Creating distrust, hate, and fear with a warped sense of morality

America spends billions forcing economic stations worldwide
Yet refuses to pay attention to the problems on their side
Vast sums of money channeled into a destructive war machine
Destroying lives in other countries: the mark of boundless greed

When material advantage lies at the heart of our philosophy
How can we expect anything different from what we see?
America holds 7 percent of the world’s population
America consumes 40 percent of the world’s production

No country has medical costs as high as those in the USA
No public health insurance in the richest country of the day
Why invest in slum clearing and decent housing for the poor
Accumulating wealth through exploitation can get the rich so much more
A fight against this system is no longer a choice we have to make
It’s us against them with the world’s future at stake.
A growing concern for our position in a future yet to be
Is the hope for radical change towards direct democracy.

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