Versuri Iskra - Threat Inflation

Album: Iskra - Iskra

US imperial systems and the corporate media
Inflating threats posed by imperial targets
Attacking hapless countries is good for big business
Imperial managers issue warnings to misinform the

Media is complicit, forming a poisoned view of the world
Creating mass attention towards otherwise ignored countries
Escalated lies, pressuring the public
Manufacturing fanaticism to annihilate the enemy
Remember Guatemala, Nicaragua, Kosovo
The public cheered for victory, a “triumph for democracy”
Foreign economic resources the US needed to control
Mass slaughtering hidden from the eye of the world.

US forces in the region, proxy armies invade
Yet the media is unwilling to speak of the US as a
The immanent victim awaits its own destruction
Any actions to defend itself are portrayed as

The official view-the media’s view
Unidirectional information, whitewashing the US
We live under control, a totalitarian society
disguised as the “good guy”, disguised as democracy.
Individual words such as “threat” or “aggression”
Are never applied to our leaders language or behavior
The resultants of a media ideologically subservient
The resultants of a media serving a state terrorist

And the bodies are hidden from the camera to create the illusion
“Surgical strikes”, “Collateral damage”; all these linguistic diversions
Descend into the inferno of a world ruled by hypocritical psychopaths
Ethnic slaughter, endless war, perpetual damnation.

The year 2003; another violent firestorm
US officials convey Iraq as a threat to our existence
A country starved to death by US sanctions
Iraq poses no threat, its children dying by the millions.

The United Snakes of Amerikkka and their dwindling alliance
Are the real masters and distributors of Mass Destructive Weapons
With their lapdog media, they’ll rain a storm of lies
The world’s leading terrorist state, no retribution for their crimes.

Will we openly analyze, will we openly criticize?
To ensure our friends and families don’t fall victim to their lies.
Take the time to analyze, take the time to criticize
To ensure our friends and families don’t fall victim to their lies.

Despite all that is portrayed on your local TV news
We are witnessing a major change in the population’s attitude.
Resisting the “virtual parliament” of the private sector
Turning the tide against the Western aggressor.

Protest around the world with no historical precedent
Populations beginning to see the true meaning of the system
Anti-Invasion resolution by 50 City Councils of the USA
Anti-Invasion protests by millions around the globe today.

Public opposition-80% in Spain and Italy
regardless of state allegiance, people thinking for themselves.
Public opposition-90% in Britain and Portugal
People waking up, taking back their minds.
Canaduh regards the US as the greatest threat to world peace
When people search out information, awareness will increase.
Millions joining the ranks of those opposing globalization
Developing pressure against United States Aggression.