Versuri ISOLE - Throne Of Void

Album: ISOLE - Throne Of Void

I cry for you; the pain, the loss
Our innocence is gone, a shrouded haze
And as the flowers wither
Our beauty is no more
All is lost

Like a bleak remembrance of our solemn past
Time rips away our hope
All is lost

No life will ever grow
All is lost

And beneath the throne of void
All sympathy is lost
Time will not heal
The wounds we've caused ourselves

And beneath the throne of void
All hope is gone
The scars cut too deep in our flesh
To ever mend

Our voices fade
Silence echoes in our heads
Filled with regrets
Can't be undone
Last sign of appeal
We reach up for the sky
In hope to find

No more dawn of life to be
Night and day are the same
Endless dark and death to come
Will it be?

Cold void all that remains now
Life and death are the same
No future, no hope, nor dreams
It will be

I mourn for you, your pain and loss
Caused by our foolishness
All swept away
We raped you of your innocence
And ravaged your beauty
All is lost