Versuri It Dies Today - Naenia

Album: It Dies Today - The Caitiff Choir

Ignite the funeral pyre,
And let's close the casket lid on everything.
On this institution and on every memory burn it all in effigy.
Let's watch it burn.

Fell into the depths of a broken heart again,
And I'll die alone, but I get lost in your eyes,
And I can't help but feel like I'll never find love there again.

Dressed in white you mourned nothing,
As you led the precession with a smile.
There was no eulogy given,
For no kind words could be conjured up this time.
No not a single word of praise had escaped from your lips.
On that day, there was no more need
To conjure up things that made things seem OK.


As you walk on, ash falls like snow.
Can you express regret? Or just let a smile show.
Please just walk on.
Don't respond, I already know.


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