There There Katie Chords - Jacks Mannequin

Capo third fret

D.                      G.                                   Bm.          G.
Katie you're a brave girl, and I know it's only just started
                     Bm.                                     G.
But I'm gonna be there at six with some flowers on sticks
               D.                                              A
that were clipped just to make the weak strong.
D.                       G.                                                   Bm.           G
And Katie it's a strange world, and girls can get so broken hearted
                    Bm.               G
But if it were me and the universe,
 I'd get the worst of this gone

D.       G.                              Em.      
Katie, Katie I'm sorry that in your condition, 
The sunshines been missin',
      D.                   G.                          A
but lately, I don't believe that it isn't there
              Bm.     G.                            Em
oh, and Katie, Katie be happy, this world can be ugly
but isn't it beautiful?
D.                               G.                               A
We're not really here, but we're really not there
we're really not there