Versuri JAG PANZER - Fall of Dunsinane

Album: JAG PANZER - Thane To The Throne

[Broderick / Conklin]

As Lady MacBeth's life fades, Malcolm's rebels and the Scottish Army join at Birnham Wood. Malcolm
instructs the men to cut down branches and hide their vast numbers from the castle. As they begin to
approach with Lady MacBeth now gone and MacDuff's entire family slain, the two men are now driven
by vengeance.

Look, Sir, Birnham Wood is growing towards the castle!

By the gods! The witches prophecy come true, stay hold, I go!

Unleash the fury contained within. Each swing of my blade another life gone
The Commander's son was such an easy kill
No man can harm me. None of woman born.

Storm the castle with Malcolm at my side I will find MacBeth
Avenge my house by taking the crown along with his head

I must flee this place of madness and find MacDuff
Seal forever the crown that now rests on my brow

I will find MacBeth, relieve him of his head
End his reign in blood. End this day in death.

The fall of Dunsinane begins my vengeance
Rid England of this murdering thief
All who are with me help me find this fool
All eyes will testify his end

MacBeth & MacDuff find each other and are face to face at last. MacDuff, knowing that MacBeth has
already laid his entire family to rest, fears for his life, yet is driven by vengeance to fight MacBeth to the death.
MacBeth, assured that no man born of a woman may harm him is more than ready to bring this madness
to close.