Versuri JAG PANZER - Ride Through The Storm

Album: JAG PANZER - Chain Of Command

Run to a place where you can hide
Once hearing the warnings
Never to know what's waiting there
Maybe you'll find some peace of mind
Once you know where you're going
Live your life without despair

I don't know why we live a lie
Our lives are scorned again
Nothing's the same it's always a change
And there I'll go

Ride, Ride through the storm
Breaking the chains
Leaving once more

Ride, Ride through the storm
Cutting the ties long ago
Leaving once more

How did I know that this was coming again
Deceit in your heart it's still in your eyes
Burning desire has it left you in the night
Slipping away and it's leaving me here
I don't know why I play the game
The end is all the same left all alone
I hang my head

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