Versuri James Blunt - I'll Be Your Man

Album: James Blunt - Some Kind Of Trouble

oo many noises

Too many voices

Invisible wires keeping us apart

So many choices

Some disappointments

And they only steal me away from you

Climb into our private bubble

Let's get into all kinds of trouble


Slide over here let your hands feel the way

There's no better method to communicate

So girl stop your talking

Words just get in the way

I'll be your man

So baby come over

From the end of the sofa

I'll be your man

I'll be your man

So many faces

Staring at their shoelaces

When all anyone want is to be seen

Well tonight let's be honest

We all want to be wanted

And darlin' you've got me wantin' you

Everything that I'm trying to say

Just sounds like a worn out cliche, so...


What are we all looking for?

Someone we just can't ignore

It's real love dripping from my heart,

You've got me tripping

What are we all looking for?




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