Letter Chords - James Morrison

James Morrison
The Letter
Transcribed by Soch Hean
Tuning: Standard

Instrument Riff:
|--------------------------| (x2)

Intro Chords: Em  D  G
              Em  D  A

Em           D
It's got my name on it 
G              C                Em
And it's just waiting there for me 
            D                   A
I feel the cold run through my veins 
Em                 D
And it's got her shame on it 
G            C             Em
She couldn't say it to my face 
                   D            A
But I won't waste time placing blame 

C                G
I know I'll move on 
   B                        Em         D
I tell myself I'll find me something better 
C        G             B
I'll let go and just forget her 
            C       G               
She was no good for me 
      B                             Em    D
Deep down I know that's the way it has to be so 
C           G                      B
How come I still can't open this letter? 

         Em        D    G
I can't forget her 
              Em    D   A
Really wish I could 

Verse 2:
Em              D
There must be a name for it 
G             C                 Em
Whatever this is you've done to me 
           D         A
I'm all twisted up inside 
Em                D
Well who's gonna pay for it? 
G            C               Em
If it's not you I guess it's me 
You left me with your life
And took mine 


         C         G    D
I can't forget her 
              C     G   D
Really wish I could 

                C   G  B  Em  D  C  G
Really wish I could 
Oh yeah 


Em          D
It's got my name on it 
G               C
And it's just waiting there for me 

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