Undiscovered Chords - James Morrison

I love this guy....what a voice!! very easy song to play.

A   X02220                                 D   D U U D 
D   XX0232....play this only in verse:  e|-2---2-3-3-2--|
Bm  224432                              B|-3---3-3-3-3--|  D=Down stroke
D7  XX0212                              G|-2---2-2-2-2--|  U=Up Stroke
G   355433                              D|-0---0-0-0-0--|
Gm  355333                              A|--------------|
E   022100                              E|--------------|

Intro: A|D|A|D

G|----2-2-2-2--|  x3
E|-------------| liten to song to work out timing

  A                                                                      D
I look at you you bite your tongue you don't know why or where I'm comin from
  A                                                                      D
but in my head I'm close to you we're in the rain still searching for the sun

    Bm                 A       D
You think that I wanna run and hide
          D7             G
I keep it all lokced up inside
       Gm           A
I just want you to find me...

        G             A                  D
I'm not lost, I'm not lost, just undiscovered
               G                A             Bm
and when we're alone we are the same as each other
    G                   A          Bm                       E
you see the look that's on my face you might think that I'm out of place
        G       A             G      D
I'm not lost no no just undiscovered

repeat chords for 2nd verse:
Well the time it takes to know someone it all can change 
before you know it's gone
So close your eyes and feel the way I'm with you now
believe there's nothing wrong



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