Versuri Jaya The Cat - Blur

Album: Jaya The Cat - More Late Night Transmissions With...

wake up it's time to go
turn your keys in down at the lobby
no one's looking to awake but you can't stay here
pick up your bags and you're gone again
last night is just a blur
don't think i blew it too bad but i'm just not sure
stumble out the door and into the van
use your coat as a pillow on the window

who is this body in my bed?
what are these voices in my head?
will someone please tell me what's going on?
cause it's like last night i got lost
between the beers and all the shots
man i hope i didn't treat her wrong
try to place the name but everything just comes up gray
guess in the end it just don't mean much anyway
so i turn around in the bed pull the covers over my head
and i just drift away

and i want you to know that everything changes
you can see it all over everyone’s waiting

sitting in the back just watch the white lines flashing past
and try to make sense of my memories
open a warm beer i found there lying on the floor
put on my headphones let the sound just wash right over me
well i don't know where i've been
but it don't matter in the end
maybe it did once but i just can't remember when
so it's another night another town
just plug it in and tune it out
and you just drift away

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