Versuri Jimi Hendrix - Hear my train comin'

Album: Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock

Well i
Wait around train station waitin' for the train
Waiting for the train, yeah
Take me yeah
From this lonesome place
Well now whole lot a people put me down without a change,yeah
My girl then called me a discrace
She did
With tears burnnin' yeah
With tears burning me yeah
With tears burning me way down in my heart
Well you know it's too bad little girl it's too bad
To bad we, have to part
Have to part
Hmmm hm hmmm hmmm hm hmmm...

Oh dear
Goin' to leave this town
Hmm yeah got to leave this town
Gonna to make a whole lot of money
Gonna be big yeah
Gonna be big yeah
I'm gonna buy this town
Gonna buy this town
And out it all, in my shoes
Might even give a piece to you
That's what i'm gonna do
What i'm gonna do
What i'm gonna do

Do think i'd do that

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