Eugene de la Jinjer ne-a dezvaluit un secret! (Interviu)

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Eugene de la Jinjer ne-a dezvaluit un secret! (Interviu)

Jinjer revin in concert la Bucuresti, pe 4 martie, cu un nou spectacol ce se anunta a fi impecabil din toate punctele de vedere, asa cum ne-au obisnuit de fiecare data, desigur. Noul turneul Jinjer debuteaza in Romania si nu am putut sa ne abtinem fara a-i descoase de cateva detalii picante legate de planurile trupei in viitorul apropiat si secretele lor. :)

Metalhead: Hello everybody! How is Jinjer doing right now?

Hi there! It's Eugene here. We are fine, testing new technical stuff and rehearsing hard before the tour starts.

Metalhead: You are starting a new tour this spring throughout March, April and May. You always had surprises so what are you preparing for this one?

We have revised a few old songs. We will play Bad Water song, and this is the main surprise because before this we have performed it live only once, that was one concert in Kiev which we filmed for the DVD. So we are a bit nervous about how crowds will accept it. Also we haven't perfomed Cloud Factory last tour and now it is getting back to the set-list. And finally we have made a lot of changes to Who Is Gonna be the One. Moreover we are going to play live most of KING OF EVERYTHING album

Metalhead: Last year you got signed at Napalm Records. What improvements do you feel this step brought to you as a band?

OH! We are a different band now! Thanks to the work and help by Napalm Records JINJER managed to get an absolutely different level. And it is visible everywhere - more people coming to our shows, well-known magazines ask for interviews and write about JINJER, we are invited to play all over the world. And the most important thing - more and more people get to know about JINJER everywhere.

Metalhead: King of Everything has been very well received by fans and the press. Compared to your previous material, what would you define as major steps taken with this album and what would you say is different this time?

Well, the music is completely different! We finally managed to brake all those stylistic boundaries which had held us tight before. The process of composing the songs was absolutely different. We were in 4, our ex-guitarist Dmitry left the band in the summer of 2015, and the atmosphere was absolutely different. I believe we have become more open-minded and this reflects in music.

Metalhead: The new album is full of great songs and it seems like you guys are releasing a lot of videos to promote it. However, what are your favorite songs of the record, let's say for live performances?

Oh! We love all of the songs in a different way. And it depends from a show to a show. Once this song may seem the best, another time that song.... talking about live performance. But in general, of course the main songs of the album are I Speak Astronomy, Pisces and Sit Stay Roll Over.

Metalhead: Talking about videos, you recently posted some new photos from what seems to be a new video shoot. Can you tell us for what song?

Yeah! I am breaking a secret. This will be a live version of Pisces song. It is a special video in many ways, and the first reason is that we changed our drummers right before KING OF EVERYTHING was released. So unfortunately Vlad, our current drummer, could not have a chance to re-records the drums for the album. But he has an absolutely unique style, which perfectly suits JINJER. In fact he changed some drum lines playing live for the better. This way we decided to record a high-quality live session of Pisces with Vlad's innovation into the song. This is gonna be fantastic.

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Metalhead: Any stories you want to share with us and our readers from your last tour? What was the most exciting place to play?

All places were exciting! Germany! Spain! Israel! Paris! And Timisoara - definately one of the best concerts on the last tour. We had nice time off in Barcelona, in Tubingen (Germany). I have to admit that after Vlad joined us - we finally have a harmony inside the band! For the first time Eugene Mantulin tragically left us. And we are happy about this!

Metalhead: Are there any plans for a new record? You seem to be out touring very often, so did you find the time to write new material?

We have already started collecting ideas for the new record. I believe we will start working hard on a new record by the end of 2017. At least this is a plan.

Metalhead: The Romanian public has watched you grow as a band and always came to see your live shows around the country. Is there any message you would like to send to those who will come to see you live on the 4th of march?

Well, thanks to Cavelleria Events Romania was the very first country we toured! It was in 2013 and we will always remember that tour! And Romania will always be a special place for us. Well, as for the fans who will see us next Saturday, I really hope to hear the crowd sing along with Tatiana! This will be just awesome! And not only the old songs like Scissors, but some new ones, like Pisces, I Speak Astronomy and etc. And of course we expect Romanian public to go wild!

Va recomandam sa nu ratati show-ul pe care Jinjer il vor sustine pe 4 martie, in Quantic, alaturi de Tiarra, Between Colors, For My Sins. Biletele se gasesc online pe www, si in reteaua fizica iabilet.

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