Jinjer incheie anul de concerte in Romania, iar noi am stat la o discutie cu ei

de Cristi Nedelcu

Jinjer incheie anul de concerte in Romania, iar noi am stat la o discutie cu ei

Jinjer au avut unul dintre cei mai aglomerati ani din cariera lor ca activitate. In 2016 au semnat cu Napalm Records, iar la scurt timp au lansat al doilea album, intitulat “King of Everything”. Avand in vedere ca ultimele show-uri Jinjer din 2017 au loc in Romania, ne-am decis sa stam din nou de vorba cu Eugene, leaderul trupei.

Hello, how are you doing?

- Hi, fine, We are having a short break before the UK tour, it is great to be at home finally and we have some time for new songs.

You had one of the busiest years in Jinjer's history so far. Can you tell us how many shows you did or did you lost count?

- Honestly we lost count. Vlad told me before the show in Kiev with Tvelwe Foot Ninja that it would be his 100th show with JINJER, but I am 100% sure he missed some concerts and it was more than 100th... I believe only in 2017 we already played around 70.

Doing so many shows in one year, did you ever felt you need to take a break?

- Well, we do have breaks... we are now EU citizens and we cannot stay inside EU forever, so we go home, and we don't play much in Ukraine. Thus we have a month now before the UK and it is enough.

If you had to pick one show from this year, which one it would it be and why?

- Oh, every show with Arch Enemy in September was a blast! Rockmaraton festival in Hungary and the last show with TFN in Kiev were awesome.

You recently released a couple of live videos. Is this a hint you are planning to release a new DVD?

- No, not now. It was just the way to remind people of some good old songs from Cloud Factory album. And we gonna have a few more for songs from that release soon. But as for a DVD, no, I believe it will make sense after we make a new album, so that we have something new to show. In fact we filmed and released one DVD before in 2015. So 2019 will be a year for another live album.

Tour Teaser: https://www.facebook.com/JinjerOfficial/videos/1685243668167166/

It’s great to hear you are ending the year with three shows in Romania. Got anything special planned?

- Well, probably, we are about to rerelease Cloud Factory with Napalm Records, so probably we gonna play a bit more of it. Moreover we are constantly changing, you know some new gear.... so there are no two identical concerts.

Poze Poze pentru articole - Jinjer

I never got a chance to ask you about one of the new songs from King of Everything. Sit Stay Roll Over seems to be the most aggressive track you ever released until now. What’s the story about it?

- Yeah, definitely one of the most aggressive we have, probably the most. It is an antifa song to be honest. We just expressed all our hatred to all these ultra-rights morons, white-supremacists etc... we have a bunch of them in Ukraine. Maybe that is why the song is so angry

After all these shows and new videos promoting the new album, do you fell Jinjer reached a new height? How are you planning to top this?

- Definitely, the band has grown a lot. But this is not a limit, I am sure we haven't even reached 50% of potential yet.

Last time we spoke you told me you have some ideas for the new record. Are you still planning to start working on new songs after you finish the tour?

- We have already started working on new songs little by little.

As usual, I will ask you to send a message to Romanian fans:

- See you soon, guys. I am looking forward to it!

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