Versuri JOB FOR A COWBOY - Altered From Catechization

Album: JOB FOR A COWBOY - Genesis

The demon lord's son, now a ruler of only one nation, spreading his gospel among millions.
Empires fused and bound together by the fingertips of their distinct leader, a flesh parade of a converted public altered from catechization, manipulated and influenced into a sense of delusive calm, consuming every word spoon fed directly into their beliefs.
As a shepherd carrying his offerings between his arms, garnished statements maintain and keep his people optimistic and confident.
A throbbing army only grows from the misleading tongue of their new ruler.
One army with new beliefs expanding through demonic designation, ordered to butcher the existence of anything contrary, almost as a reoccurrence of times past.
As previous enemies of the forgoing lord have come and gone, all having the corresponding image of God through their own incoherent reflection.

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