Versuri JOB FOR A COWBOY - Entities

Album: JOB FOR A COWBOY - Doom

[Hidden Track]

Hell stands still with an empty throne, with an audience
ignited in a conflagration composed by their lord.
Descending to their exhausted knees they begin to apprehensively examine their boiling skin which only crumbles away even at the most delicate touch.
Thousands of speechless bodies pile over each other completely motionless.
Over and over repeatedly this relentless process of hundreds upon thousands consumed only by their own unmistakable immorality.
They can no longer depart from their dismantled remains.
Over and over again.
Far from its eternal home this demon stand over my crippled anatomy, he buries his weight into my impaired lungs and spreads my ribs wide open.
This cancer now inhabits my chest in complete dormancy.
I lay completely paralyzed with my entirely frozen limbs, my body turns cold, my organs shut down.