Versuri JOB FOR A COWBOY - Martyrdom Unsealed

Album: JOB FOR A COWBOY - Genesis

The sound of trumpets throughout the world.
Advocates lean before the demon's son.
Worships and prayers compose under a restrained landscape.
Succeeding to only withered murmurs and whispers as the essence of man slowly converts to nonexistence.
A low hum carves into the kindred nations from the sound of forewarning trumpets.
Gates and doorways of martyrdom unsealed.
The earth cracks open, revealing a deep and vast chasm, an exposed cavity of earth.
Hell spills onto human world soil, demons ascend from the subsurface.
Dehydration of past flourishing bodies of water, making the landscae deprived and desolate.
Plagues of unhallowed locust thrive and seek torment.
The new lord takes his throne.
Aroma of the end spreads through the sky.
The numbers within his kingdom diminish.
The marks implanted beneath the flesh no longer favor or secures their safe being.
Hundreds upon thousands now enslaved.

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