If Heartaches Were Nickels Chords - Joe Bonamassa

NOTE:  Joe tunes down half step for this one.
This is my first attempt at this.  The split "/" chords represent bass notes 
over the chord used is a walk down or up.  

Intro:  Am   Dm   Am   E7

Verse 1:
I wish you could see me
Dm                    Am   Dm   Am   
all broken down this way 
but even if you saw me baby 
                                 Am     Am/G#
I know, I still couldnt make you stay 
           Am/G          Am/F#
I couldnt make you stay 
     F                                         Dm    Dm/E
you know about the high cost of living babe 
         F                G          Am
and someday you're gonna have to pay 
Dm                  Am   E7
  gonna have to pay 

Verse 2:
A woman like you needs all the finer things
and I knew that from the start . . . right from the start
I dont have much to offer you baby 
Just this old broken heart . . .just this old broken heart baby
If heartaches were nickels,                        
I wouldnt be crying, crying in the dark baby . . . 
Am   Dm   Am   Am7 
   oh no I wont

Yes if wine and pills were hundred dollar bills 
    yeah I might keep you satisfied 
    If broken dreams, were limousines, 
          I might take you for a ride yeah
          Am   Am/B    Am/C       Am/D
All I can do,      is think of you 
    Dm                       F
and wish you were here by my side 
       C                Dm       
Yes if heartaches were nickels, 
F                  E7           Am     Dm    Am   E7
 I'd might be the richest fool alive        

Instrumental: (Solo) 2 rounds of verse structure