What A Wonderful World Chords - Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone
"Don't Worry About Me"
Track 01

F   C   F   C   F   C   F   C

        F        Am  Bb            Am   Gm            F     A7        Dm
I see trees of green / Red roses, too / I see them bloom / For me and you
       Db          Gm          C       F   C
And I say to myself / ?What wonderful world?

I see skies of blue / And clouds of white / Bright, sunny days / Dark sacred nights
And I think to myself / ?What a wonderful world?

      C                            F
The colors of the rainbow are so pretty in the skies
     C                     F
Are also on the faces of people walking by
         Dm             C             Dm         C
I see friends shaking hands saying / ?How do you do??
  Dm              C    Gm       C
They're really saying, ?I love you?

        F     Am Bb              Am      Gm                F           A7        Dm
I see babies cry / I watch them grow / They'll learn much more / Than I'll ever know
        Db            Gm            C        F  Eb D
And I think to myself / ?What a wonderful world?
         Gm            C                     F  Eb  D    F  Eb  D
Yes, I think to myself / ?What a wonderful world?
       Gm           C                     Db      Gm7       F
And I say to myself / ?What a wonderful world?

The first single from Joey's new album.  Some reviewer on Amazon said that Joey
sings this with a sincerity that Louis Armstrong missed.  Whatever.  You can't
compare them.  They're both legends singing two totally different versions of a song
for two totally different generations.  To say Joey's is better is sacrilege, but
I think Louis would have appreciated how he rocks it in his own way.
To do the intro, by the way, play the low strings and then the high strings
of each chord.  I don't want to hear people split hairs over the seventh chords or
minor chords--this is a punk song, after all.  Satchmo's version is a bit more
complex and smoother-sounding.  But still, if anyone wants to change this, go
right ahead.  Search for the rest of the album that I posted here--it's a great CD.

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