Your Pussys Glued To A Bilding On Fire Chords - John Frusciante

Artist: John Frusciante
Song: Your pussy's glued to a bilding on fire
Album: Niandra Lades and Usually just a T-shirt
Tuning: Standard

Tabbed by Knut Zetterstrm

A really weard song by John Frusciante, but it's really cool I think

C             G/B                    Am
 Your pussy's glued to a building on fire
F           Em                 Dm
 I paint my mind just cuz I'm alive
G                              C
 And if you see me roaming the hillside,
            G/B      Am
won't you come along...
      Bb         Dm
you paint your eyes
          Bb      Dm
mine are in the sky
            Am           C            Bb     Dm
no worldly word i could say could be golden
      Am         C                 Bb
the smile on my face isn't always real
                 Dm            Bb
but the way you make me feel
is all that's really real
you little duck house
C      G/B           Am
Oh, won't you come along...
     F           Em      Dm
You paint your eyes...

I can't figure out the solo's.. The solo's are long and a bit hard to figure out. Maby 
try later. If you have any corrections or questions, please e-mail me at