Imagine (ver4) Chords - John Lennon

John Lennon
Tabber:Brian Gelvin

^=down stroke
V=up stroke
*=Look at notes at end of tab
D.S. al Fine=go back to :S: and play to the (Fine)
/=repeat chord
|o  o|=repeat

Chords used in this song:
C/G  Fmaj7/C  Cmaj7/G  F  F/E  Dm/F  F  G  G7  E7
                       *             **

Intro: Q=80
Acoustic Guitar (Standard Tuning)
C/G                     Fmaj7/C                     Cmaj7/G
 ^    ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^

 ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^ V ^ V

Verse :S:

  C/G                      Fmaj7/C C/G                 Fmaj7/C
1.|o Imagine there's no heaven        It's easy if you try
2,3 see additional lyrics

C/G             Fmaj7/C C/G
 No hell below us        above us only sky

Fmaj7/C  F(b)    F/E         Dm/F  F  G               G7
         Imagine all the people       living for today__  Ah____ o|

F(b)        G            C/G    E7   F(b)          G                C/G
___ You may say___ I'm a dreamer           But I'm not the only one__

  E7  F(b)             G
          I hope some day____you'll

C/G      E7    F(b)         G
join us__           and the world_____

      C/G                    Fmaj7/C
will live as one     (Fine)             D.S. al Fine
                                       (no repeat)

Additonal lyrics: (in order of played)
1. Imagine there's no heaven.
   It's easy if you try.
   No hell below us.
   Above us only sky.
   Imagine all the people living for today, ah.

2. Imagine there's no contries.
   It isn't hard to do.
   Nothing to kill or die for.
   And no religion too.
   Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

Chorus. You may say I'm a Dreamer
        But I'm not the only one.
        I hope some day you'll join us.
        And the world will live as one.

3. Imagine no possessions.
   I wonder if you can.
   No need for greed or hunger.
   A brotherhood of man.
   Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you


*=I'll put a (b) for the barred F
**=I won't put anything for the normal F

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