I Dont Trust Myself With Loving You Chords - John Mayer

Even though he doesnt actually strum these chords in the song you can play them, 
they match the bass guitar in the background.

Am                   C            F
No I'm not the man I used to be lately
See you met me at an interesting time
If my past is any sign of your future
You should be warned before I let you inside


Am        C                   F
Hold on to whatever you find baby
Hold on to whatever will get you through
Hold on to whatever you find baby
I don't trust myself with loving you

I will beg my way into your garden
I will break my way out when it rains
Just to get back to the place where I started
So I can want you back all over again


F     C        G  
Who do you love?
           F        C              G     
Girl I see through, through your love
F       C         G        Am    
Who do you love me or the thought of me? 
Me or the thought of me?

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