Versuri Joy/Disaster - Miss Trust

Album: Joy/Disaster - Sickness

Should I tell you something ?
I can see a tear in your face...
Don't you live a dream now ?
When I try to find a place.
Your refusal come to me
Like a poetry in my heart.
Million finger's bleeding
When my death is as a start.

How long to invade your mind ?
Even if you come to my brain.
You made a big mistake
When you've leaved me fall in pain.
Other people changed of life
This is not a way I choose.
I am mistrust with lies,
This is just a tale we loose...

Too many reason to change... but there is nothing left but you...

I'm running, I'm running,
I'm running but I start a dream !
I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding,
I'm bleeding 'cause I want to try 
To find a place a life a flame...
Something that  want to choose
with nothing of your face, but now I know...
I know, I know you're not a girl for me...
I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding,
I'm bleeding 'cause I want to cry...
To find the place, my life, my flame
Something that I want to live 
With nothing of your life I should be now !

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