Versuri Joy/Disaster - Shining Monday

Album: Joy/Disaster - Sickness

Five or six o?clock in the morning?
I feel you now, my heart is trembling!
I put my hand slowly in your back?
Just for yourself!

You close your eyes; I kiss your body,
I realize you are so close to me.
Your skin is slowly drowning in my soul
And suddenly the room is getting under control.

I see the wall transpiring by your side,
We shade a tear ?cause it?s burning inside!
Tears?, hidings breathe and shivers in the air?
This is a freak, a dream atmosphere!

I don?t know why you want to leave ahead?
Maybe it?s time to you to be the sunset?
Another journey in the sleeping moon,
It?s time to feel the sliding sugar?
The sliding sugar?

Welcome to the shinning Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
But we want Friday!
All the week we want is just a freak of love!

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