Versuri Joy/Disaster - Suicide

Album: Joy/Disaster - Sickness

He is the snake
Who's crawling in a trembling life?
He wants to take
Lovers and their stupid mind!

But he feels nothing!
He stands alone and waits us as a star!
And we don't know what to give for a part?
He wishes to pick up all girls of this world!
He f***s you up and you don?t say a word?

He waits me out!
But I don't want to blow my kissing mind?
And I can shake a shiver for a kind?
Million babies are dreaming of your pain!
There is nothing left tonight again?

But you don't know what to give from your heart!
You believe that I don?t know what to live and give from my heart
But I don't want to live a trick!

Tell me when you try to fall,
All you lose when you want more?
Tell if you want to try to leave another life or so? 
Take me all you want to fall,
Every secret,
Every whisper,
Every silence,
Every moment,
Everything of you!

A short moment to fall?

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