Versuri Judas Priest - Freewheel Burning

Album: Judas Priest - The Best Of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight

Fast and furious we ride the universe
To carve a road for us that slices every curve in sight

We accelerate,no time to hesitate
This load will detonate whoever would antend its right

Born to lead at breakneck speed with high octane
We're spitting flames:

Freewheel burning
Freewheel burning

On we catapult, we're thrusting to the hilt
Unearthing every fault, go headlong into any dare

We don't accept defeat, we never will retreat
We blaze with scorching heat obliterations everywhere

Look before you leap has never been the way we keep
Our road is free
Charging to the top
And never give in never stops the way to be
Hold on to the lead with all your will and concede
You'll find there's life with victory on high

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