Glass ver2 Chords - Julian Casablancas

Looks like noone has tabbed this correctly so here it goes! Play along with the 
song to get down the rhythm and quick switches, but it's right :)

I don't believe it
Eb          Cm    F  Bb-quick
I won't believe it
Gm            Cm   
I'm not sad, I understand
That's how it goes

Take it easy
Eb            Cm         F  Bb-quick
There's no time to be mad
That's their job
Cm                F
Blood on their teeth

death on their mind

(Repeat for rest of verse and all verses)

Cm                Gm    
Eyes will follow you
Cm           Eb          Gm
Weapons can't break through
Cm                 Gm
Tears will swallow you
Cm   Eb                 Gm
You'll always see right through

Bb    Eb- quick  Dm   
Bulletproof glass
Bb   Eb    Dm
Bulletproof glass
Eb       Eb       Dm
Bulletproof - You wont have any trouble now
Bb    Gm    F
But who knows
Bb    Gm    F
But who knows

Please don't deceive me
I'm just a wiz of the fool
There's somethings
they do not want the answers to

Don't wanna break all that heart
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But take yer pleas and get out
what to do?

We'll just let it be
but you dare on me

Bulletproof glass
Bulletproof glass
Bulletproof - You're in a little glass
But who knows
But who knows

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