Versuri Juliette Lewis - Uh Huh

Album: Juliette Lewis - Terra Incognita (2009)

I hit the club stuntin I do it like it ain't nothin tell the dj keep it 
runnin and the bar to keep them comin un huh yea well un huh yea then I hit
 the lenox mall and u know I'm gonna ball walked in the store and bought it 
all and left with all the broads unhuh yea well unhuh yea aye lock the door 
its finna get retarded travis porter here finna get the party started we hit 
the club we don't never wait in line cush and mr. Purple got me geeked up out
 my mind teach them how to shine hundred thousand in the air travis porter 
stupid we got money over here (????) Shawty say she wanna go two more drinks 
and one more blow we headed out the exit door...(chorus) its travis porter j 
money yea we kickin it all in lenox mall boy we saq 5o it and tru religioned 
coupe sayin futuristic s**t cuz this is how we play to keep the girls diggin 
it and it ain't s**t we stack our money real tall and hundred band today make
 a hundred band tomorrow excuse me dj play that thang one mo gin. We throwin
 money in the air with plenty more to spend...(chorus) aye we up in here 
travis porter up in here black boy white boy up in here u know that I be up
 in here oh yea he up in here yea he got that eagle in here he got that cush 
rolled up boy that's what's up in here i got the liquor got the weed got them
 b*****s got these hoes got that pistol I done snucked that in the door s**t 
I'm bout to get on the floor yea this v.I.p let's go got no liquor let's buy 
some mo and got them hoes its time to go...(chorus) ralph lauren p-lo and 
american eagle everybody lookin like damn there we go fly like a segale can't
 nobody see me I don't give a f****d cuz can't nobody be me travis porter 
clothes travis porter hoes lolly gaggin in the club and pointin at the hoes 
and I always rock the levi's fresh force one's I ain't neva did the filas 

Thanks to symone davis for the lyrics.