Versuri Kalmah - Bitter Metallic Side

Album: Kalmah - The Black Waltz

And life goes on with harmony
Day after day those same routines
And lifetime filled with happiness
The most greatest joy

So great is the sea so small your boat
But you dont know if you dont row
And so great is the sky above your blue eyes
But you cant see behind the lies

In the smallest crack of your lifes track
Is a chance for me to attack
Now the time is right for you to say
Your last goodbyes

Face yourself, your own dreams
I am your real demon hidden in your mind
Ill show you my own world, Ill take you down to the
Bitter metallic side

Youre lying next to me and youre too good to me
And I think you know I cant let you go


But dont throw away your last coin
I have to do this all my own
I only want you to know
Im buried deep down in your soul



Bitter metallic side
Bitter metallic side

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