Kamelot au lansat clipul live pentru 'Phantom Divine'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Kamelot au lansat clipul live pentru 'Phantom Divine'

Piesa este extrasa de pe albumul "The Shadow Theory" si va face parte pe albumul live "Am The Empire - Live From The 013" ce va fi disponibil in varianta DVD/Blu-ray pe data de 14 august via Napalm Records.

"We are pleased to present "Phantom Divine" as the second video from our upcoming DVD/Blueray. This song is from our most recent studio release The Shadow Theory and features Lauren Hart (Once Human). During the entire Shadow Tour, this was the night opener and always set the tone for the rest of the evening. Fans tell me this song encompasses a ton of what they feel is part of the Kamelot trademark. We hope you all share in our joy for this release!", a declarat Thomas Youngblood.

Piesa este interpretata alaturi de Lauren Hart si poate fi ascultata mai jos.

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