Versuri KARKADAN - Requiem Of Yearning

Album: KARKADAN - Eternal Black Reflections

It's me in the dark
I'm alone in the cold
I'm so depressed
In the corner
I feel afraid to die
I want you

The corner is red
Of my suicide
Now that I'm gone
I want you again

But I know it's not true
You have to go to join death, too
Die to love
Die to love

This is my requiem of yearning

[the girl:]
I will never miss you
Between you and me
There's only emptiness
Memories will remain
But they are left behind

My soul fades away
Into loneliness
Into the deep
What is left is my body
That never rests

My love never rests

Never rust in peace
Never forget
Never dream
Never rest
Never love

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