Roquefort Intro Tab - Karnivool

     THEMATA - Roquefort
Tabbed by: JayNo
Tuning: B F# b e g c


c  |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
g  |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
e  |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
b  |------------------------------------1---------1---------------------|
F# |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
B  |-3h4p3p1h3p1--3h4p3p1h3p1--3h4p3p1h3---3h4p3p1-3--3h4p3p1-6-1--2----|

Dont know if this is the tuning that vool use or not(just used the tuning in
John Keats' Themata tab) but this is definately the way the intro to Roquefort
is played. Unfortunately i'm terrible when in comes to chords (especially in
this tuning) so if there is anyone out there that can tab those parts of the
song it would be very much appreciated coz i have'nt found a tab for this
anywhere, and it really is an awesome song.
So get tabbing :P