Versuri Kataplexia - The Unknown's Conquest

Album: Kataplexia - Supreme Authority

The shadowed skies are darkening the souls
The countdown of a mess destruction has just begun

The unexpected invasion of a powerful Sovereign
The imperious is strategically based in tactical positions
A strategy of advanced and technological superior races
is dominating the vulnerable crust of earth.

Malevolent kingdom emerging from the deepest grounds
Inauspicious and unforeseen total overrun.

Extracting the intelligence from our brains
Conquering the underdeveloped humanity
The invincibleness invasion of unearthly forces are
chaotically defeating our technology
into a global system barbarity.

An Irreversible Systematic deficiency
Infected bases in the plugged connectivity
Constant failures by undroppable emulation
Harming security systems in complete functionality.

The entire dynamical dial communications
are manifesting the abnormal data transmission of incompatibility,
disconnectedness is rejected.
Nonrespondent controls removing all safeness programmability.

Inter terrestrial alliance are virtually
extracting classified documentation
unmanageable total extinction.
Now we're deceived followers ovating their
magnificent sovereignty.

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