Versuri Kataplexia - Unpredictable Spiritualism

Album: Kataplexia - Supreme Authority

Mystical gift from the ancestral roots
Inexplicable concentration of psychical premonitions
Magnificently supernatural virtuosity
Misinterpretation of the enlightened apparitions

Subliminal communication convince new victims
to misapprehend subconsciously the overcrowded mankind
Doctrinal knowledge predict the involuntary suicides
Simultaneously corrupting the regretted minds

Ancient prophecies condemn Humanization
and prophesying a disagreeable destiny
Unclassifiable Hinduism altering the future
Psychic energy produce a necrotic transitivity

Unnatural hyperactivity divesting the science
Misidentified vitality is deifying the imagination
Telepathically overtaking the human sprightliness
Releasing new beliefs of a misinformed civilization

An unavoidable fact of parapsychology
Mediumistic seizure of the credulous Catholicism
it's got stranglehold on mediocrity
A new age underestimating the power of the spiritualism

State of medium trance, psychic empiricism
Mystical hindsight, paranormal phenomenon
Unfailing foresight, abnormal discipline
Stately bias of subliminal manipulation!!

Unpredictable!! surrealism!!