Versuri Katatonia - Departer

Album: Katatonia - Night Is the New Day

The blinding white
So far behind I am
And running
Over idle ground
This evening
I kept my word
Did you
I'm turning around
Wait for your sound

Only so far
According to who
The journey of our lives
I'm (when) so slow (did)
Compared to you (you first stay)
Departer (I swear it's the truth)
It's the month of July

In your eyes I was the stronger
So how am I to cover you on
Without shadowing your path
This time
I watch from the sidelines
Your ghost in the limelight
Face your fears
And pierce the night

So close
If only you knew
The story of our lives
I'm so (why) rash (would I swear)
Compared to you
Surrender (You know it's the truth)
It's the pat of our lives

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