Versuri Katharsis - Eucharistick Funereal

Album: Katharsis - Fourth Reich

d********x overlorde, in the tvvylyghte reavvayke

Nonconformant principle,
Invicktednesse and vvickednesse and hayte
Aeonick nyghtemares everhaunting,
Pyroclyptick scornful ones
A storm of funereall souls,
Redgather'd in his vvayke...

On harness'd vvings,
Vvith svvorde and flame,
Eternall vvarr,
Eternall fayme
Sacrament of carnall sinns
Cleane our hearts from deepe vvithin!

Pantokrator, mightie king of vvrathe.
Anticipayting cosmogenious spinning sparks of lyghte.
The blood-red gate is clos'd on thee.
The everdvveling font of divyne miracles.

Dovvne in heaven, jesus christ
Shall be reborne
In sorrovve and contrition
Destitute of mercy but not destitute of sinne
Receivve the love of satan
Our nevv eucharistick king!
Conqueror.... rayging visions that destroye the eyes
Disbeliever, follovving in yer vvays
All cycle of lyfe and the ende of mankynde;
Mystickall quest through the portals of tyme!

Hysterick saints suffocating
Conjure mighty apostacie
Hellish hosts eruption
Spastik, backvvards, coronate...
And vvith all the bryghte glorie from heaven they sente
Vvith all the things passing it must come to an end
By the body of our lorde, by the mercy unfold

Tayle of anguishe and faithe, holy fayte once foretolde...
In grimm phantasmagoriaa, tvvisted vision of dreade
Myriad of voyces echo everie thinge henceforth said
An assembly of shadovvs, rotten pearls, virtuoss svvyne
Forces in spiritual unio they bring fo(u)rth grayce divyne.
As the starrs dvvindle and the birds mute their song
Prepayre yer hearts to be baptysed in the bloode of flagellation
Saturnalick deliveranse, floating funereall doome
In the one crucifyed, novv resurreckt'd from the tomb...

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