Versuri Katharsis - Painlike Paradise

Album: Katharsis - Kruzifixxion

I speak Enochian, Enochian and in tongues.
My halo a crown - a crown of bones. I wear a robe - a robe of souls
My heart is your world - and hatred lets it grow
I am the purity and temptation, I am the curse I am salvation
I make you blind for your decision.
Messiah Maniac Beast: my mission...
So come to me child, take my hand, look into my eyes -
they show you the promised land,
my eyes are black-black is their gleam prepare for death -the only aim
Unholy Blackened Waters brought forth by rivers deep
poison the wells so viciously they cause nightmarish sleep
As pestilence keeps crawling across the land of dreams
the bloody flood is rising and nothing is as it seems
Hellish Fire - Funeral Skies - Torment - Evil Paradise
Dissonance consumes the silence, war trumpets on our strife
a new march for the realm of HIM, eternal war means life
Enigmatic idols lead the blind. Word from the fire:
Distress, confusion. The end is nigh
Chariot to the bottomless pits, Death's star has risen high
world downfall, opening funeral skies . . . the Painlike Paradise

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