Versuri Katharsis - Reckoning

Album: Katharsis - Fourth Reich

Storming the heavenlie ivory tovver
f**k dovvn the angels in their finall hour
2 soldiers of death crushe the god of vvhite hosts
Vve are the lords of the black holocaust.
3 vve cast the torch of darkness unto these hollie halls
Vve kill the priests and all the followers of the feeble one.
4 raiding the spheres of the sephiroth tree
Tipharet sinks, netzach replayc'd by pure agonie
Forces of god vanishe conquer'd by plague
Hail ghorab tzerekk, mightie raven's attack.
5 vve raise the flagg of satan on corpses pyled up hyghe.
The pentagram is shyning - unholly evil eye.
6 prophet beheadded, pigblood covereth his fayce
Endlesse mayhem in mecca, rotting fleshe filleth the playce
Gardens invayded by the devylls and djinns
7 iblis returning, age of chaos beginneth.
8 yer sycophant cravvl,
To foul idols of faythe,
Yer poor limitations,
It sickeneth me...
9 to kill all yer hopes
And to smashe yer senseless dreams
And to tayke ye avvay
Vve have started our vvarr of purification.
10 iconocklasm, total exterminationn,
The fraygrensse of hollie fyres,
A vvorlde consuum'd by our flayme.
And nought shall remayne
To remyndde of their nayme.
For all eternity...
12 asgarde in panick, hlidskjalf falling in flaymes
Yggdrasil chopp'd, onlie cinder remaineth
No golden davvn, it's the absolute ende
Nidhogge avvayketh, fenris openeth his fangs.
13 vve turn the vvalls of vvalhall into a formlesse mass
Celestiall guardians vvrithe and screame in terror and distresse

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