Versuri Keep of Kalessin - Armada

Album: Keep of Kalessin - Armada

This is all
Closure draws near
It's become your worst and darkest fear
Armada - Beast of many heads

Marching trails of shadows from the black
A call to power
A call to arms
Come death - open the mouth of Hell

The Nameless
The Wings
The Crown
The Flame

The Serpent
Of War
Of Sin
Of Hate
Crowned King of the Dead

Warlust burns in your heart
Vengeful wrath
Burning the sign
Souls torn apart
Green fire burns from reptile eyes

The Sickness
The Scar
The Pain
The Wrath

The Kingdom
Of Fire
Of Storm
Of Death
Crowned King od the Dead

To bow before the infinite
All things are one thing
Unbearable silence
This is our path to order"

"One sword
For one thousand spears
One throne
For one thousand servants
One source
For darkness to spread
At the heart of it all
Everything is dead"

All is ever as it was
Our strife against this resistance
Those few who saw the horns in the horizon
Let their infected flesh begone
Those few who resist the change we bring
Has ended
For change is ever life
And thus they are death
And will arise to serve with us as we stand united"

Claim your throne
Reclaim your kingdom
Our blood is yours, to our oath we hold
We welcome the victory of death

Crowned King of the Dead