Versuri Keep of Kalessin - Vengeance Rising

Album: Keep of Kalessin - Armada

Each hack and each slash
To force your tongue to silence
The hour has come to rage against the light
The Dragon burning flame is the one to rule the face of the earth
The time has come to go to war for your kingdom

Bleak day
Clouded pressure
The arrival signaled
Like a giant wakening
Rembles from Hell

A shadow cast from triumph
Cold silence in origin
Skelatal foundation
A fog that will not thin

Slay'em all
Burn the dead

All made of flesh must die
If not as food or firewood
All meat must rot
Every beast and every man

Glazed in enemy blood
Vengeance Rising, sickening the sight
Horns one flame
Pure destructive hate

Slay'em all
Burn the dead
Destructive hate
Mass torment

War is the feast of the Armada
Pure destructive hate
Death to dust
Swords forged in Christian Blood

Deny the one you call king
Pull the corpse from the Cross
Burn the icon you worship
Rise Claw Crown

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